About the IDAP Token

IDAP token is a utility token and is an integral part of our platform.

Zero Trading Fee

Lifetime zero trading fee for ICO participants buying 20,000 or more IDAP tokens.

Discount in Trading Fee

50% permanent discount on trading fee if paid in IDAP token.

Management & Listing Fee

Applicable Management & listing fee will be charged in IDAP token.

Burning of IDAP Tokens

20% of IDAP tokens received as fees will be burned till supply reaches 500mn.


Token NameIDAP
Token TypeWRC20
Token price$0.03
Total Supply (fixed)1,000,000,000
Soft cap (in IDAP)200,000,000
Hard Cap (in IDAP)750,000,000
Minimum personal cap0.1 ETH
Whitelist & KYCYes
Accepted CurrenciesETH, BTC, WAN, LTC

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Funds Usage

Funds Usage

Vesting Period: Tokens alloted to team will be vested for 2 years.


The original documents have been published in English. Documents in other languages have been translated by our supporters from crypto community around the globe. In case of conflict between a translated and the English version, the English version should be your reference to validate the facts and figures.

All English documents were last updated on 20th August 2018.


Our Partners

  • D4.Partners
  • Stigasoft
  • Get Smart
  • Wanchain
  • 3apples
  • Trading Places
  • Cryptonaire Weekly


  • Derivatives Instrument

    Single click trading interface to hedge & speculate through outright futures, calendar spreads, butterfly spreads & American options

  • Extended Product Offerings

    Crypto pairs, crypto/fiat pairs, perpetual swaps, crypto indices, ICO venture fund & P2P lending

  • IDAP Matrix & Spreader

    View and trade multiple futures contracts, exchange quoted and synthetic spreads

  • Institutional Grade Matching Engine

    Supports DMA, CLOB & RFQ scenarios. FIFO & Pro-rata matching algorithm, supports multiple conditional & implied orders. Advanced risk control

  • Advanced OMS & SOR

    OMS with FIX interface. Order routing to multiple exchanges, ECNs, third parties trading systems

  • Low Latency & High Availability

    Servers across multiple regions, active geo replication, guaranteed 99.99% uptime, FIX 4.2/4.4 protocol for HFTs

  • Security & Compliance

    CCSS (Level 1) Cold wallet management, Insured hot wallets, OWASP & EU GDPR compliant

  • Token Utility

    Zero trading fee for ICO contributors. Permanent 50% discount on trading fee if paid in IDAP token. Listing and management fee in IDAP token

  • Customer Oriented

    User friendly UI, feedback driven product improvements, detailed FAQ and tutorials, 24x7 support

Trading Instruments


Easy access for buying & selling of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Product offerings include Crypto/Crypto & Crypto/ Fiat trading pairs.


Evergreen products for Hedging and speculating crypto market. Futures & Options trading for major cryptocurrencies and crypto indices. Serial futures contracts, spreads, butterflies and American options.

Perpetual Swaps

Leverage trading could be synonymous to perpetual swaps trading. IDAP offering includes perpetual swaps for major cryptocurrencies, equity indices, FX, stocks and commodities with leverage up to 50X.

Investment Instruments

P2P Lending

IDAP Peer to Peer lending and borrowing platform enables individuals to lend and borrow crypto and fiat assets without going through any financial establishment. Lending and borrowing rates will be decided by market participants.

ICO Venture Fund

Statistically, the highest ROIs are achieved by early backers of ICO projects. However, early access to these funds is a privilege extended only to HNIs. IDAP aims to change this paradigm by creating listed ICO/venture funds that will empower retail investors to benefit from investing early in ground-breaking blockchain projects' ICOs.


A low cost, diversified investment vehicle that allows investors to lower risk and maximize profit potential. IDAP ETFs offering includes Crypto payment coin ETF, top 20 Cryptocurrencies ETF, and other sectorial ETFs.

ICO Incubation

Assisting Blockchain Entrepreneur

We believe that public blockchain have the potential to disrupt many of the current business domains. Through our incubation program we aim to bring together best ideas, entrepreneurs and necessary resources. IDAP in-house team of developers and research analysts will evaluate the project and its feasibility, including team authenticity, financial justification and legalities. We will help promising projects by providing them all the necessary resources like initial funding, tech support, legal services and other relevant consulting.

Assisting Blockchain Entrepreneur

IDAP Master Account

Buy 1.25 million IDAP tokens and avail our Master Account

We are introducing yet another feature never seen before in the crypto trading landscape: the Master Account. Through the master account, a user can generate various sub-accounts that are restricted only for trading. Withdrawals and deposits will only be enabled for the master account, users of the sub-accounts will be able to trade but not withdraw or deposit any funds.

This will be beneficial to Proprietary Trading Firms that have hundreds of traders working for them. More so, the Master Account holder will be able to charge trading fees from their sub-account holders, encouraging establishment of crypto-centric trading firms.

As an added advantage, users holding 1.25 million IDAP tokens will not have to pay any trading charges for using a 'Master Account'. We are also partnering with many Proprietary Trading Firms to help them break into crypto trading through our Master Account functionality.


Q4' 17

Detailed research and analysis on crypto exchanges and product offerings.

Q1' 18
Conceptualisation of IDAP ecosystem

Research and design, establish a team, form an advisory board and identify strategic partners.

Q2' 18
IDAP ICO launch and company formation

Website launch, lite paper and white paper release, community building, token listing & sale, company registration in Estonia, license procurement for derivatives trading and asset management, product development.

Q3' 18
IDAP exchange development

Product architecture and front-end development, alpha version testing, banking partnership, derivatives market products testing, API integration testing, community building, token sale and exchange marketing.

Q4' 18
IDAP exchange launch

Beta version testing of web & desktop application trading system, derivatives product offering and IDAP Testnet launch.

Q1' 19
Integration of Advanced Derivatives Instruments

Spreads, butterfly and perpetual swaps available for major coins along with Implied Logic, Master Account System and RMS.

Q2' 19
Extended Exchange Offering

Upgraded customer support system, Testing of new derivative instruments: Indices derivatives and American Options, Desktop App 2.0.

Q3' 19
Platform Features Upgrade 1.0

Customer feedback implementation, Mobile App, Web App 2.0, Desktop App 3.0.

Q4' 19
DEX protocol Research and Development

Continued research and development of Decentralized exchange enabling on-chain settlement with centralized exchange handling orders.

Dynamic Team and Advisors

Comprises of distinguished Alumni of premier institutes from over the world such as Oxford University, London School of Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, Indian Institute of Technology, NIT, Stanford University and University of California etc.

With diversified knowledge in various fields such as Investment Banking, Finance, Economics, Information Technology, the team brings forth years of expertise, business acumen and success stories.


  • Awanish Rajan Co-Founder & CEO

    Awanish Rajan Co-Founder & CEO

    12 years of extensive trading experience in capital and crypto markets. Involved in multiple leadership and mentoring roles, research and distributed system modelling. Alumnus of IIT Madras with a degree in Engineering Physics.

  • Atish Katyal, CFA Co-Founder & CFO

    Atish Katyal, CFA Co-Founder & CFO

    10+ years of experience in financial markets. Derivatives trader of Fixed Income market. Tracking and analysing economic policies, trading systems. Holds B.Tech. degree from Thapar University and CFA certification.

  • Murali Thakur Co-Founder & CTO

    Murali Thakur Co-Founder & CTO

    Diversified work experience in trading, technology and software development. Expertise in high-volume data processing, algorithm trading and risk management. IIT Roorkee alumnus with a degree in Electronics and Communication.

  • Anupam Agarwal Co-Founder & COO

    Anupam Agarwal Co-Founder & COO

    Sales & Marketing consulting and Project Management professional. Experienced in business strategy & operations, plans & procedures, vendor management and cross functional team management. Alumnus of NIT Allahabad.

  • Manish Ranjan Chief Solution Architect

    Manish Ranjan Chief Solution Architect

    Manish is a proven technical and business leader. Proficient in all phases of SDLC with focus on Time, Cost and Scope. He has a vast experience of 18 years helping medium and large scale clients globally achieve their goals.

  • Mukund Thakur Tech Lead

    Mukund Thakur Tech Lead

    Experienced software developer. Proficient in designing and implementing distributed applications. Hands-on experience of BigData technologies including Hadoop, Hive, Hdfs, Yarn, Azkaban, Batch Processing. B.Tech. in Computer Science from BIT Mesra.

  • Ritika ChaturvediOperations Manager

    Ritika Chaturvedi Operations Manager

    Ritika has rich experience of leading and managing international teams of multiple business operations projects. Computer Science graduate and MBA in Finance and Analytics.

  • Abhishek Crypto Analyst

    Abhishek Crypto Analyst

    Experienced in trading and analysis of cryptocurrencies. Alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati with Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

  • Himanshu Tiwari Blockchain Analyst

    Himanshu Tiwari Blockchain Analyst

    Himanshu has been a technology analyst and writer for over two years and has researched and developed content around new and upcoming technologies like Blockchain and IoT.

Our Advisors

  • Amit Bansal Financial Advisor

    Amit Bansal Financial Advisor

    Chief Financial Officer at Danway Group of Companies in Dubai with over 15 years of experience in finance, accounts and administration. He is MBA Finance, Certified Public Accountant (US) and associate member of Institute Chartered Accountant of India.

  • Anders Larsson ICO Advisor

    Anders Larsson ICO Advisor

    Anders has worked for two decades in 10 countries with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), creating the ecosystems of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G & IoT with 7.8 billion mobile subscriptions. Anders is committed to taking Crypto to the same scale as telecom. allcoinWiki Co-Founder, ex-VP Erisson, Voted Top 10 Blockchain Advisor worldwide.

  • Andrew Friedman Blockchain Advisor

    Andrew Friedman Blockchain Advisor

    Fintech Entrepreneur, Blockchain Engineer and Data Scientist with over 10 years experience of managing financial services companies as CEO. Holds Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy from University of California, Los Angeles.

  • Avinash Bhatia Technology Advisor

    Avinash Bhatia Technology Advisor

    With over 22 years of experience in Web, Mobile, Real Time Communications, Embedded Software & Networking in product development environments. An alumnus of IIT Delhi, with a B. Tech. In Electrical Engineering. Currently, the CEO of 3Apples.

  • David McKenzie Blockchain Advisor

    David McKenzie Blockchain Advisor

    Founder of No Halftime, a fantasy sports app, Black app, a crypto & asset management app and Blowfishtv, a video streaming and social betting platform. He has worked in the venture capital, software and leisure industries and is a graduate of Stanford University and Lund University.

  • Jacob Lindorff Marketing Advisor

    Jacob Lindorff Marketing Advisor

    Commercial & Marketing Director with more than 20 years of experience from the financial sector, online gaming and blockchain industry throughout Europe and the US. Holds MS in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics. Currently, Co-Founder and CCO at No Halftime and Blackapp.

  • Jesper Lindorff Business Advisor

    Jesper Lindorff Business Advisor

    More than 21 years of global experience within Finance and IT from Sweden, U.K., France, Central Asia and India. Holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden with majors in Accounting & Finance and International Business.

  • Joakim Holmer ICO Advisor

    Joakim Holmer ICO Advisor

    Joakim worked for Ericsson for 20 years, where he held various technical leadership positions around the world. Founder of allcoinWiki, ICO Trusted Advisor.Later he has also worked with Software System Sales. allcoinWiki Co-Founder, Voted #10 By ICO Success Score.

  • Kapil Mohan Technical Design Advisor

    Kapil Mohan Technical Design Advisor

    Web technologist specialized in building scalable web and mobile products. VP Engineering at PingPad where he worked on building a bot-assisted collaboration platform for Slack teams. He has also worked as technical architect at SlideShare - LinkedIn.

  • Karan Singh Data Science Advisor

    Karan Singh Data Science Advisor

    Founder and CEO at N-Sight Consulting. Holds Master degree in Management from The London School of Economics and an alumni of University of Oxford.

  • Naviin Kapoor ICO Advisor

    Naviin Kapoor ICO Advisor

    Top Blockchain ICO Consultant and Adviser with extensive knowledge of ICO Investment, Marketing, PR, Blockchain & ICO. Ex investor relationship, articles and news publications, networking with ICO Investors, and Blockchain consultancy. Founder, The Times of Crypto.

  • Neeraj Sehgal Technology Advisor

    Neeraj Sehgal Technology Advisor

    Chief Technologist, Engineering Head with over 20 years of experience in products development, software solutions and program/projects management in global multi-cultural context. Holds MBA and Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Currently Co-Founder & CTO at Stigasoft.

  • Sandeep Goel Cloud Computing Advisor

    Sandeep Goel Cloud Computing Advisor

    Specialized in positioning cloud computing solutions befitting business requirements and developing complex business models. Holds PGP in Management certificate from ISB Hyderabad.

  • SekharRai Choudhuri Business Intelligence Advisor

    SekharRai Choudhuri Business Intelligence Advisor

    An IT Professional with 27+ years of experience in working in multicultural environment with large MNCs. Held leadership positions and helped organisations to innovatively use technology in strategic planning and business growth. Holds Master degree in Applied Mathematics.


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